Elijah and William love basketball! These two African American young men have attended basketball camps and play basketball at school. They have tried cross country, and both enjoy weight lifting. Sports are important to these high school and junior high boys. That includes fishing and hunting too, which they like doing with Todd, their new adoptive dad.

Todd and Karin Baldwin adopted these two athletic teens on August 26, 2016. They took their time getting to know the boys, and from the end of January, 2015, when they all met, to June, 2015, when the boys moved in, they were able to get better acquainted and began a relationship. Todd and Karin spent weekends with the boys until the end of the school year when placement took place. The boys each have their own room and got to paint it any color they wanted. Elijah chose green and William chose the Seahawks colors, which is no surprise since they like football too!

Over the year, while Todd and Karin provided foster care for Elijah and William, each member of the family had adjustments to make. There were struggles and an emergency appendectomy, but they never gave up on each other. Hearts were won over and mutual love and respect ensued. The boys adjusted to farm life from being city dwellers and learned to do farm chores and projects. This summer, they went on a first time trip to Disneyland which provided life-long memories.

Elijah and William have close ties to siblings and came with family loyalty from the past, so they had questions about adoption. As time went on, they realized adoption would not change their relationships with their brothers and sisters, but would provide stability, opportunity, and give them a set of parents devoted to their best interests. They gained a new understanding of adoption and came to be confident that this is the right game plan for them—and yes, it has proved to be a winning decision.