“You can do it – we didn’t think we could, but we did, and we are so glad”, Jessica emphatically states. Grant and Jessica came to our agency desiring a birth parent adoption in hopes of receiving an infant and discovered that most of our placements are kids from foster care. A little frightened by the idea and hearing so many people say, “We could never do that!”, they carefully moved forward and became licensed. Six months later, they received a call for placement of seven and a half month old twins.

Aubrianna Nicole and Elijah Stephen came to their home with some medical issues and developmental delays. Digestive, sensory and feeding concerns became evident but were significantly improved with the help of physical, occupational and feeding therapies. Part of their progress came from being in a home filled with love, nurturing and laughter.

Although still having some medical issues, the twins are doing remarkably well. Being bright children, they are walking, talking and learning many new things. This little boy and girl are happy, contented and love the attention of everyone around them. It has been two years since the twins were placed in this home, and on April 6th, with Judge Please presiding, they became Grant & Jessica’s legal children. Grant and Jessica state that it has been a long journey. Some days they were unsure if the twins would ever be a permanent part of their family. Those were hard days and they relied heavily on trusting God for their future.

Jessica indicates that she believes it was very important to establish a relationship with the biological parents, which started two weeks after placement. The birth mother told Jessica she would rather have the children with Grant and Jessica than with her own extended family if she did not get them back. Grant and Jessica also had a “great team of people around them” with the social workers, Guardian ad Litem and therapists all contributing to making this placement a success. Yes, it was hard and some days were extremely challenging, but Grant and Jessica are so thankful they made the choice to do foster care. They love their twins dearly and cannot imagine life without them. Jessica laments, “Tell people – YOU CAN DO IT!”  Getting children from the foster care system is worth it and the lives of children will be forever changed.