Chosen, Cherished, Loved, Adopted

Jason and Kate are in awe of what the Lord accomplished in their lives. Kate proclaims, “I don’t know how people could hear of our journey and not believe it was completely orchestrated by God!” This couple was licensed by A Child’s Hope in February, 2017, but asked that placement of a child be put on hold until they could find and purchase a larger house.

Within a few months, they bought a home just right for them and were ready to begin their family. Three weeks later, Kate and Jason received a call to provide weekend respite care for a fourteen-month old boy.  Little Evan immediately captured their hearts and when he and his two older siblings could not remain in their current foster home, Kate immediately contacted the state social worker to convince her that Evan was the perfect match for them. They were overjoyed when that is exactly what happened because another placement could not be located that would take all three children together.

Evan’s thirteen-year old sister and eight-year old brother went to a family with four biological children close in age and with seasoned, dedicated parents.  When siblings are placed in separate homes, the foster parents arrange visitations so they can continue having a relationship with each other even though they don’t live together. What happened next makes this story so amazing.

Jason, Kate, and the foster parents of Evan’s siblings did not know each other before the placement. They were pleasantly surprised to discover unexpected connections. The siblings’ foster mom grew up in the same small town as Kate. In fact, their fathers worked together for many years. As time went on, these foster moms became aware of several other extended family interactions. This pleasant surprise began a close friendship between these women and Kate reports that they talk on the phone almost daily. Both families now spend holidays together as well as vacations. They just returned from an Oregon coast camping trip that they made together. Evan goes to his siblings’ home and his siblings and the other children spend time at Jason and Kate’s home on a regular basis.

Adoption day was April 27, 2018. It was a unique experience. When the judge walked into the courtroom, he was surprised to see two adoptions occurring at the same time. Evan with Kate and Jason, and Evan’s brother and sister with their adoptive parents. They all shared the same lawyer and the courtroom was packed with friends and family members. During the proceedings, the adoptive dad of Evan’s siblings looked surprised saying, “What’s my eighth grade baseball coach doing here?” Kate quickly let him know the coach was there because he just happened to be her uncle!

Jason, Kate, Evan and Evan’s brother and sister, their adoptive parents and other four biological children have all become like family. They do life together and Jason and Kate report that it is a wonderful blessing. This couple thought they were getting one child, but to their delight, received much more!

“Whomever welcomes one of these children in My name welcomes Me.” – Mark 9:37