Birth Parents are Heroes!

At A Child’s Hope, we consider it a privilege to work with parents who are making the choice to demonstrate their love for their unborn child through the gift of adoption. We provide sensitive and caring support through our Birth Parent Advocate who will assist you in considering your options and making the best plan for you and your baby. If your choice is adoption, we have many well-qualified, loving Christian families from whom you may choose to place your baby.

Open adoption is an option that is available to you and your baby.  In an open adoption, birth parents can receive on-going pictures and progress reports of their child.  In addition, many open adoptions include some visitation with the child and the adoptive family. The type and amount of contact you will have with your baby is an arrangement that you make with the adoptive parents, with the help of our experienced adoption attorney.

We’re with you through it all to:

  • Be available as you make this major decision and all the little decisions leading up to it.
  • Be there with several profile books of waiting families from which to choose.
  • Be with you as you meet the couple you choose since this is a big moment for all of you.
  • Be with you at the hospital during the birthing process.
  • Be there for you after placement, offering support, comfort, counseling referrals and a listening ear.

All of our services are offered at no charge to you or to the adoptive family.

We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have in full confidentiality. Contact our Birth Parent Advocate at to learn more.