Welcome Pre-Foster & Adoptive Families

We are thrilled that you have taken the first step toward making a radical difference in the life of a child. People who are part of the A Child’s Hope family are like you…ordinary people who have chosen to do something excellent, admirable, awe-inspiring, radical. They are people who have chosen to touch the life of a hurting child like no one else can.  Are you wondering if you’re a good candidate for foster care or adoption?

Here’s what we look for in our families

  • Strong Christian faith and walk with Jesus Christ
  • Family is involved in a local church community
  • Healthy marriage relationship
  • Ability to be a good parent
  • Readiness/willingness to love a child and help them grow within your family and our world.
  • Heart to help hurting kids and meeting them where they’re at
  • Trust in God’s “selection” of the child He has for you
  • Openness to all that the adoption process entails and readiness to trust God with every step
  • Smart financial stewardship
  • Must live in Spokane County
  • Desire to become an active part of our ongoing ministry

Our Process

There are multiple steps required in the foster and adoption journey, but we assure you that the process will be just what you need to prepare you for the blessing of foster care and adoption!

Step 1: Introduction


Attend our informational Introduction Class to learn about our ministry and decide if A Child’s Hope Spokane is the right organization for you. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and obtain an application for our ministry. Classes held quarterly and require pre-registration.

Step 2: Pre-Screening


After we receive your application, you will be contacted to schedule a pre-screening interview with one of our staff. During your interview, we will discuss various topics such as your motivation to provide foster care and/or adopt, family history, marriage, etc.

Step 3: Homework

Home Study Homework

Complete paperwork that is required by both A Child’s Hope Spokane and the State of Washington. This important paperwork will help your Case Manager write your foster/adoption pre-placement report or “Home Study”.

Step 4: Home Study

Home Study

After receiving your completed homework, A Child’s Hope Spokane will assign a Case Manager to your family to complete your home study. Your Case Manager will schedule home visits with your family to discuss topics related to placing a child in your home. These topics include medical and family history, financial information, religious involvement, etc.  Most importantly, you will have an in-depth discussion about the child you dream of fostering or adopting.

Step 5: Licensing/Placement

Foster Licensing/Placement

After the home study is completed, it will be sent to the state and you will be licensed with A Child’s Hope Spokane within a few short weeks. You will then be ready for our Placement Coordinator to help you facilitate the placement of a child from the State Foster Care system.

Step 6: Case Management

Case Management

Once a child is placed in your home, your Case Manager will visit you in your home at least once per month and help you navigate the complexities of adjusting to the children in your home. The Case Manager will assist with service referrals, crisis management, and preparing you and your family for the final step.

Step 7: Finalization


If you choose to adopt, Adoption Finalization is when we all celebrate! Initially, the child placed in your home is still in the State Foster Care System.  It often takes several months for the adoption process to be completed, which culminates in an adoption hearing that involves you making a lifelong commitment to parent your child.

What’s Next? After reading the steps listed above you may still have lots of questions. That’s normal! If you still have questions, just bring them to the Introduction Class (Step 1) so we can answer them in person or click below to contact us today.